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Gypsy Wagon Wares

From a seed falling to the ground to a beautiful product of wood***a miracle each step of the way *** we're in the business of hand crafting cutting boards with a fun twist.

GYPSY WAGON WARES has a rich history that's been nearly 40 years in the making. Learn more about the early beginnings that brought these unique cutting boards to life and the legendary gypsy wagon that so many have come to love and seek by checking out our about page or call us at (573-690-1223). We look forward to hearing from you.

Pineapple cutting board

Our Boards

Handmade and exquisitely crafted, our cutting boards come in all shapes and sizes. From fun fruit shapes to animal shapes and more, our creativity is always expanding. Each board is crafted from Ozark natural hardwoods to ensure optimal quality and durability.

Owner Ron Hostetter

Our Story

Ron Hostetter began in the cutting board business in 1980 and later started the wholesale market in 1990 under the name of Hostetter & Company Wood Works. After partnering with Karen Diamond in 2006, Gypsy Wagon Wares was born.

Gypsy wagon

Our Wagon

You can find the signature Gypsy Wagon making its way to major music festivals across the US. Hand-crafted by Ron himself, this funky little van brings many smiles and inspiration to customers and artisans alike.

Welcome To

Gypsy Wagon Wares

Here at Gypsy Wagon Wares, we proudly carry a large selection of unique designed cutting boards. Each board is carefully crafted from Ozark natural hardwoods; mainly red and white oak. This beautiful, rich medium is perfect for cutting boards because it's one of America's most durable woods and ideal for carving, cutting and serving food. Every board we design is handcrafted and finished with a hand-rubbed application of mineral oil which is nontoxic, odorless and tasteless.

It's through a creative eye and love of art that we design these natural, riveting cutting boards that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our artistic pursuit is elevating the everyday items that are often times overlooked. And with a plethora of designs, you'll be afforded a multitude of options. Pick your favorite or add several to your cutting board selection. Our options include everything from animal-shaped cutting boards to fruit shapes and even state-shaped cutting boards. Check out our categories below and be sure to click the links to start shopping!

Cutting Boards
With A Twist!

We are PROUD !!! Our Butcher Block cutting boards are MADE IN AMERICA from RECYCLED Ozark hardwood flooring.

As our name implies, here at Gypsy Wagon Wares, we're free-spirited artisans in the business of making truly unique cutting boards---that you could say are a cut above the rest! Founded in 1980 by Ron Hostetter he and partner Karen Diamond have been reshaping the way we view ordinary items. Since officially partnering in 2006 to form Gypsy Wagon Wares, they've been creating beautiful, hand-crafted folk art cutting boards. What started as a few sales at music festivals has since blossomed into a high-demand endeavor from the public! Today, you can still find them at major music festivals all across the United States in their signature Vardo Gypsy Wagon made by Ron!

Unique Cutting Boards

One can never have too many cutting boards in their kitchen, especially ones that are this unique! Add flavor in more ways than one to the kitchen with these uniquely crafted, handmade cutting boards. Each board is made from Ozark natural hardwoods for guaranteed quality. Click into the categories below to see more examples of what we offer!

Click here to explore our Utilitarian shaped cutting boards

Our utilitarian-shaped cutting boards are closer to the traditional but with edgy lines and twists!

Skillet--12"x 16"---$30

Paddle---12"x 20"---$30

Rectangle---12"x 18"--$30

Square----12"x 12"----$20

Odds and Ends--Variety of Rectangles--$10

Click here to shop for Instrument shaped cutting boards

Our boards are the best kitchen air guitars! These instrument-shaped cutting boards are definitely a must-have!

Acoustic Guitar--12"x 18"--$30

Electric Guitar--12"x 18"--$30

Violin---12"x 18"---$30

Mandolin--12"x 17"--$30

Banjo---12"x 18"---$30

Click here to explore our animal shaped cutting boards

Have fun in the kitchen with our signature line of animal cutting boards featuring all your favorites!

Rooster--12"x 18"--$30

Pig---12"x 18"---$30

Cow---12 'x 18"---$30

Cat---12"x 18"---$30

Moose--12"x 18"--$30

Buffalo--12"x 18"--$30

Bear--12"x 18"--$30

Horse Head--12"x 14"--$30

Rabbit---12"x 18"---$30

Click here to shop for fruit shaped cutting boards

Because we all need a fruit-shaped cutting board, that's why! Get yours today!

Click here to explore our nautical shaped cutting boards

Our nautical line of cutting boards depicts eye-catching fish shapes and others you're sure to love!

The Lake Fish--12"x 18"--$30

Gold Fish--12"x 18"--$30

Whale--12"x 18"--$30

Dolphin--12"x 18"--$30

Sea Turtle--12"x 18"--$30

Turtle---12"x 18"---$30

Crab---12"x 17"---$30

Lobster--12"x 18"--$30

Frog---12"x 16"---$30

Lighthouse--12"x 18"--$30

Click here to explore our state shaped cutting boards

Get your state cutting board today with Gypsy Wagon Wares!

Most States come in three sizes

Large---12"x 18"--$30

Medium--10"x 16"--$20

Small--7"x 12"--$16

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***Festival Flags are available for purchase. Large $45, Small $35, String of 3 banners $45, and String of 5 small festival flags $45. Barnwood instruments are available for $45/each. Contact to place order.***

License plate guitars are available. Contact for info!